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Games at Casino St. Moritz

Now it's getting exciting!

We offer games full of excitement, extravagance and thrills. Professional croupiers await you at the tables and the latest machines with high prize amounts at the machines.

Table games

Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Punto Banco

American Roulette

The ball rolls - at a height of 1,833m

Roulette is the most exciting game of chance in the world. Also because the rules are simple and the odds are fair. We play the American version, as it was invented in the 17th century.

  • Minimum bet on numbers: CHF 5
  • Minimum stake on outside chances: CHF 25
Details and rules

Black Jack

More than just 17 and 4

Simple rules and fair odds! You play against the bank. If you have more points than the bank or 21 in your hand, you win - over 21 you lose. Black Jack is pure excitement!

  • Minimum stake per box: CHF 10
  • Minimum optional stake on Perfect Pairs: CHF 5
Details and rules

Texas Hold'em

5 face up, 2 face down - who has the best hand?

Texas Hold'em is one of the most exciting poker games. Each player forms his best possible five-card hand from 2 of his own cards and 5 community cards. The game is played against the bank, side bets are welcome. We play the Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker variant with jackpot.

  • Minimum stake “Ante” and “Blind”: CHF 5 each
  • Optional “Trips” minimum stake: CHF 5
  • Optional “Progressive Jackpot” stake: CHF 5
Details and rules

Punto Banco

Bet against yourself - and win!

  • Punto Banco is only available on request
  • Minimum stake: CHF 50
  • Minimum stake for Égalitè: CHF 10
Details and rules

Slot machines

Slot Machines, Touch Bet Roulette, Swiss and Mystery Jackpot


Slot Machines

Pure fascination!

Do you like to play the classic 3-reel slot machine? Or on multigame machines where you can choose from up to 40 games? A total of 65 slot machines offer all the fun. From CHF 0.01 to CHF 25.00 per bet. Also in the smoking area.

Details and rules

Touch Bet Roulette

Like the classic, but snappier

Touch Bet Roulette works according to the same rules as classic roulette, except that the wheel runs on 220 volts and therefore 6 players place their bets at touch screen terminals. The bets range from CHF 5.00 to CHF 1,000.00.

Details and rules

Swiss Jackpot

Turn 1 into 1,000,000

The Swiss Jackpot is the biggest jackpot in Switzerland. For as little as CHF 1, you can hit the Swiss Jackpot of over CHF 1 million.

Maximum jackpot payout:

  • Alpine Jackpot CHF 37’500,00
  • Eagle Jackpot CHF 3’750,00
Details and rules

Mystery Jackpots

Win the jackpot on the side!

Mystery jackpots are waiting to be cracked by you - without having to play for them. Jackpots are an accumulated prize pool that is randomly awarded among slots players. Not an actual game, but an additional chance to win.

Maximum jackpot payout:

  • Alpine Jackpot CHF 37’500,00
  • Eagle Jackpot CHF 3’750,00
Details and rules

Admission as of 18

Smoking areas

Public parking spaces

Wardrobe included

Entrance free

Club Bar at Casino St. Moritz

The highest drinks

1833m above sea level - we are the highest club bar in Switzerland. And the meeting place for international guests in a unique atmosphere.

Opening hours and contact


to Casino St. Moritz

Opening hours

  • Open daily
  • from 18 – 04 h


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