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House rules

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Upon entering the casino, all guests accept the house rules and gaming regulations in accordance with the applicable gaming regulations.


  • All guests must identify themselves with an official form of identification before being admitted to Casino St. Moritz (Money Gaming Act, BGS Art. 54).
  • The following identification documents are accepted: Swiss passport, Swiss identity card (provided they have not expired for more than 5 years), driver’s licence, Swiss foreigner’s identity cards (B, C, Ci, G, L), diplomatic identity cards and Swiss legitimation identity cards for federal, cantonal and municipal employees. Foreign passports, driver’s licences and EU identity cards are considered valid if they entitle the holder to cross the border in accordance with the instructions of the Federal Office for Migration.
  • At the entry control, data is registered that is required to comply with legal due diligence obligations.
  • The casino management on duty exercises domiciliary rights. It is entitled to refuse entry to persons without giving reasons or to expel guests from Casino St. Moritz.
  • The decision to deny access to Casino St. Moritz may not be made on the basis of discrimination (e.g. origin, skin colour or gender).
  • The bringing of dogs and other animals into the casino is not permitted.
  • The carrying of weapons of any kind is prohibited within the casino.


  • Access to the Casino St. Moritz is permitted from the age of 18.


  • The dress code is Smart Casual. We expect attire appropriate to the ambience of our casino. Head coverings and sunglasses are not permitted. The wearing of head coverings for religious reasons may be permitted as an exception.
  • The Casino St. Moritz reserves the right to refuse entry to persons wearing inappropriate clothing. Items of clothing such as mackintoshes and jackets as well as briefcases and large handbags must be handed in at the cloakroom. They may neither be worn nor carried in the casino.

gaming rules

  • You can find the rules of each game in our game explanations. Our staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the games on offer.


  • We ask all guests not to leave the gaming table and/or the slot machines until any winnings have been paid out or there is no more credit on the slot machine.
  • Actions will be taken against unlawful use of the gaming benefit.
  • The rooms of Casino St. Moritz, in particular the gaming areas and their surroundings, are permanently monitored by video cameras for the safety of the guests. The gaming tables and the cashier area are additionally equipped with microphones for security reasons.
  • The casino management on duty reserves the right to search the guests of Casino St. Moritz for security reasons. This search may include a check by an electronic metal detector. Such security measures are solely for the protection and safety of all guests.
  • Casino St. Moritz accepts no liability for unattended cash valuables or items left behind. Slot machine reservations are generally only possible for a short period of time (e.g. during the exchange process) and must be communicated to the staff in advance.


  • Indebt or unable to meet their financial obligationsTo protect its guests from possible negative consequences of gambling, Casino St. Moritz has developed a social concept. Information on this can be found in our brochure “Everything under control when gambling?”, which is available in the casino premises. Casino staff will also be happy to provide information. The casino excludes those persons from gambling operations who it knows, based on its own observations or on information from third parties, are in one of the following situations:
  • The players themselves can request self-exclusion from the casino.
  • If Casino St. Moritz has reasonable grounds to believe that a person’s income or financial circumstances do not permit participation in the game, or permit participation only to a limited extent, it may refuse that person entry. The law requires that this decision be communicated to all other casinos in Switzerland.
  • Access may also be denied if the person is not sufficiently cooperative in clarifying his or her financial circumstances.


  • The maximum win on gaming machines is CHF 25,000 per machine per game, regardless of the amounts stated on the machine. The above limit on winnings does not apply to the Mystery Jackpot. Casino St. Moritz reserves the right to take a slot machine out of operation at any time.


  • Wagers on a credit basis (advances) are prohibited by law. Game bids (announcements) are only valid if the stated amount has been paid and the game bid has been repeated loudly and clearly by the croupier on duty
  • Guests must purchase gaming chips to place bets. Bets must be placed with valid Casino St. Moritz gaming chips. The amount of the minimum and maximum bet for the individual games is displayed on the gaming tables or the slot machines.
  • On the slot machines, payments can only be made without cash. Players can obtain the cashless card required for this at the casino cash desk on request.
  • For the safety and benefit of our guests, the tokens circulated by Casino St. Moritz have no value outside the premises.
  • In the event of discrepancies in gaming operations or at the slot machines, Casino St. Moritz reserves the right to withhold payouts until the matter has been clarified.


  • The casino accepts no liability for the accuracy of the numbers displayed or called at the roulette table.


  • The Casino St. Moritz reserves the right to accept only Swiss francs and major foreign currencies. Further information and details are available at the casino cash desk. A commission is charged when exchanging foreign currencies.


  • No cashier’s cheques are accepted.


  • Casino St. Moritz does not grant credit. Likewise, the granting of credit among guests is not permitted.


  • Photographing or filming is generally prohibited. The casino management on duty may grant permission upon request.


  • The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the gaming areas, especially at the gaming tables.


  • Syndicate betting is strictly prohibited at Casino St. Moritz. The General Manager reserves the right to set maximum betting limits per person, if necessary.


  • Jackpot winnings up to CHF 30`000 will be paid in cash. A cheque may be issued for any amount exceeding CHF 10`000. Redemption at the bank is subject to the bank’s regulations.


  • Casino St. Moritz implements all due diligence obligations in connection with the fight against money laundering. For identification purposes in connection with these due diligence obligations, the same identification documents are accepted that also entitle the holder to enter the casino.


  • Only games of chance that are permitted under the Money Gaming Act are offered


  • The consumption, sale and possession of illegal drugs and other prohibited substances is prohibited on the premises of Casino St. Moritz.


  • No food or drink may be taken into the casino.

Payment Confirmation

  • The Casino St. Moritz does not issue payout confirmations or winnings certificates.

employees’ drinking money

  • 84% of all tips are paid to Casino St. Moritz employees in the form of wage supplements. Gratuities of any other kind to employees are not permitted.


  • Smoking is permitted only in designated and designated areas.


  • According to Article 56 of the Gaming Act, unlawfully obtained gaming proceeds are to be confiscated by the casino and added to the AHV.

Opening hours

  • Open daily
  • from 18 – 03 h